Late Return Policy

Late return policy

Owners are counting on guests to return the car at the originally scheduled time. If guests don't, it can put significant inconvenience and stress on the owner and possibly future guests.

Please be considerate and return the car on time, and if there is any chance the return might be late, the renter should contact the owner immediately to request an extension. If an extension can't be booked (whether because the owner or car are unavailable, there are insufficient funds, or otherwise), the renter must return the car at the originally scheduled end time.

If any owner wishes to assess a late fee for the day, the owner should contact uRide at within 24 hours of the scheduled end of the trip, identifying the renter’s name, and the time the vehicle was returned. If the renter disputes the timing, they should provide evidence indicating when the car was actually returned.

Late fees are described on our fees and fines page, and begin to accrue the minute that the car is late.  They are billed in increments of an hour (i.e., if the car is 15 minutes late, the renter is responsible for the first hour's late fee, and not 1/4 of that late fee). In the event of very substantial lateness, additional fines may be assessed.


Extending your Reservation

Once a trip has been booked, a guest may request any extension from the owner through the regular trip extension process on the website or mobile app. When the owner confirms, the extension will be automatically booked.

The total trip cost will be recalculated to account for the extension and will include any applicable weekly or monthly discounts.

For example, if a guest books a trip for four (4) days and later successfully books an extension for an additional three (3) days, the total trip amount will be for seven (7) days, with the owner’s weekly discount applied.

If the extension would not otherwise increase the cost of the trip, a $25* change fee will be added for reservations. We do not offer hourly pricing, so guests should plan accordingly when making their initial booking. More details on pricing can be found on our daily pricing page. Owners will receive up to 85%** of both the change fee and any applicable extension cost.

Guests must place a request for an extension through their Dashboard on the website or mobile app, sufficiently early before the trip ends so that the owner is able to approve or decline the extension. If time is short, guests should contact the owner by uRide messaging or phone to alert them to the request to prompt a timely response. Extension requests expire at the earlier of 1) eight (8) hours from the time the request is made or 2) the end of the current booked trip.

The guest will be unable to book a trip extension if there are insufficient funds, or another traveler has booked the vehicle. If a trip is not extended and the vehicle is kept beyond the scheduled trip end time, then any protection purchased may be voided for any damage that occurs to the vehicle, and the guest will be subject to significant late fees.

*Values in US$ for rentals in the United States and in C$ for rentals in Canada

* US Owners receive 65%, 75%, or 85%, depending on which of the three vehicle protection plans they’re enrolled in. By default, owners receive 75% under our Standard plan. Currently, only the Standard Plan is available in Canada.